The DRC has managed to get more funding and, with cautious optimism, will one day stand on its own feet. I'm grateful someone decided that the Cavern deserved a second chance.
Where is Yeesha though, I wonder? Maybe smoking some pot in Eder Delin. Or maybe she really found someone to free the Least and is know enjoying herself in Releeshahn.

I've been enjoying the town hall meetings and the recent updates. We only got marker quests for now, but at least it seems we're able to calibrate the Great Zero again. I missed having coordinates. I just hope I won't have to complete all the marker missions again…
Someone told me the Great Zero messed up the doors to the Museum and Library. Oh well, we can't have it perfect.

I also see number 2 is still around with his delusion. I wonder if he really believes there is a 'hood for 'retired explorers' who know too much information.


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