Librarian work

Apparently this Habnn book is more than meets the eye. It does not have a linking panel, but some of the images are sparkling, as if full of life; I suspect it's related to a quartz-like component in the ink. I have the odd sensation that touching one of those will link me somewhere else.

Most interesting, the writing seems to be not a description of the linking spot, but some sort of journal. A journal written in several languages and, suprisingly, two alphabets: one which I'll suppose is havenese, and the other is… latin characters. So far (I'm opening the pages with caution, in fear they might fall off) I haven't found any Earth language I recognize, but I'm keeping my hopes up.

On a different subject, I'm following the development of this new DRC venture. It seems they have the knack to find funding among game companies, thought it might be natural after all those years of working alongside Cyan.
I applied for the new "beta testing", which I assume will require helping the restoration of new places as well as refitting old structures after two years of abandon. The selections should start in a few weeks; we'll see how it goes.

Yeesha is still silent about all this. Is she gone, or just preparing?


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