Well, I’m back from scout camp (25 screaming kids to keep at bay, who made me do it?). Nice to see the announcement about ‘beta’; seems the DRC really wants to prepare the Ages for huge numbers of people passing by.

On another note, I finally got around to decipher some parts of the Habnn book; turns out some of the pages were written in english, but in the non-latin alphabet. The journal seems to be written by someone called Touya, an explorer of different worlds, and his home place seems to be called either Basalt Pillar or Stone Island – he uses different names throughout the pages. The sparkling images are called ‘bookmarks’ and seem to serve the same purpose as our linking panels, though by a completely different technology. I’m trying to understand what he means when he talks about a ‘backlink’:maybe a way to return home, or to the place he linked from? If I can solve this puzzle maybe I can risk using one of the links…


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