Between being a mod on a couple of forums, university and real life (not to mention some occasional visits to the Cavern) I haven’t really found the time to keep this page updated. Anyway, while trying to find some free days to go explore, I managed to translate some more of the Habnn diary (this guy writes a lot… I’m sure he and Atrus would be great friends).

Touya often muses about a linking machine, capable of calculating the distances on the spot (a computer?) and be its own cornerstone. Such a vehicle, he says, would be immune to something called the “interference”, which I guess is some sort of background noise for bookmarks. The problem seems to lie in the fact that the priming for landmarks cancels the one for bookmarking, and a ‘neutral’ third party is required for the linking itself.
The interesting fact is that he talks of such things in the past, as if they really existed and were now a lost technology or the stuff of legends.

And now, for an unticlimatic ending… I finally packed resources, checked my Relto book, got my umbrella and prepared to link to one of the less dangerous-sounding bookmarks. Then I touched the image, and nothing happened. Bummer.


2 thoughts on “Interference

  1. Hi Ian!

    I finally found your blog. This Habnn book is very interesting… Where did you find it? It’s a shame the book didn’t “link” as you expected it. Perhaps it needs to be recharged. Here’s something to try: Wait until we reconfigure the Great Zero, and then try touching the panels as GZ’s blue line passes across you. Perhaps the concentrated energy in the beam will excite the book’s quartz-like ink, enough to instantiate a “link.” Be sure to take your Relto book, otherwise the link might be one way! Let me know when you try this experiment – I want to be recording the event when it happens.


  2. I found it in one of the smaller crates on the Tokotah rooftop when the DRC had left; the box was not marked with the DRC logo and was slightly ajar, so I had a look inside and found this book and something I could only describe as a “double watch”.

    I doubt this book is of D’ni origin (the “links” are not even panels, just pictures and phrases) so I wouldn’t know if the Great Zero could help in any way; however, it probably won’t hurt to try, so we’ll see what happens.

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