Holidays in the Cavern

I’ve been using the recent vacation to spend a little more time in the Cavern. The DRC is hard at work on the reopening, but this time they seem to be dedicating more time and effort to welcome the new explorers rather than treating them as an inconvenience. There have been mentions of a “Cate”, a friend of Blake, who seems to be a business partner of the DRC and have some power over their decisions. Only time will tell if this is a good thing but, so far, she seems the one holding back the opening of Tokotah square even beyond safety concerns. That doesn’t make for a grand entrance.

Yeesha ‘gifted’ us  with a brand new page, that occupies the place where the rocketship would be on Myst island. For a place she hates so much, she sure likes to redecorate our Reltos in its image. So far we have the giant tree, the dock, the clock, the rocketship bridge and the butterflies… what’s next? A giant Gahreesen cogwheel inside the waterfall?
I just hope that, one day, we’ll find an Age with no journey clothes, magical doors, mandalas on the ground and other signs of her passage. I understand that she has a mission and everything, but I came to D’ni for what the D’ni made, not her.

On a non-D’ni note, I’ve brought my self-presents (some Doctor Who audio plays) to the Cavern to listen. You’d think that they’d lose charm when faced with the Art – the real travels in time and space; instead, they get even more spooky. And now I have this mental image of Zandi and Yeesha fighting Daleks in his airstream trailer…


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