Exploration #1 – Page 1

It’s about time I wrote down what happened in my two-week trip. Rather than writing down a summary, I’ll just post here a revised version of the diary I kept during the journey, page by page.
It all started on the first of May…


I should start writing a journal, in case something goes wrong.
You might remember that, last time, I tried to use a bookmark in the journal called Habnn, without success.
Thas has changed. A week ago.
I was in the Eder Tomahn, reading Watson’s journal, when I noticed something in the KI dispenser. Since the dispenser wasn’t working, I suppose that the item had been left there for me deliberately. Someone must have read my blog posts.

Double watch

The item looks like a watch – a double watch, to be exact. Half of it looks like a normal watch, though a curious mix of analog and digital displays; the other side reminds me vaguely of a stopwatch. It is bound by a finely ornated leather strip, sporting a tree or floral motif of sorts. Each half of the watch is controlled by two buttons and a gear; the first side can apparently show time in several scripts, including arabic and D’ni numbers. The ten lights on the right are turn on and off in relation to the stopwatch.

(continues in next post)


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