Exploration #1 – Page 2

Here comes the interesting part: by itself, however odd, it is just another watch. But near the journal…
Near the journal, the watch seems to take a life of its own. The time and date displayed change every times it comes near a bookmark, and the stopwatch moves its hand to a fixed position (incidentally, this made me later understand that different glyphs and phrases on a same page where actually part of the same bookmark). My guess is that the stopwatch measures a temporal distance of the link, since the shifts -a more proper translation of the term used by Touya- are not instantaneous. If the hand reaches the lower end, the stopwatch raises an alarm; I only assume that one should not try to accomplish such travels, at least from the current starting point. Maybe you can achieve a shortest distance by travelling through different ‘bus stops’?

The cave

Anyway, in the end I chose the bookmark that, according to the watch, seemed to be at the shortest distance from here; I brought my hand over one of the glyphs, watched it shimmer with a green, metallic hue, and then I touched it.
Once again, the double watch reacted: numbers moved over the digital display, and the stopwatch started a quick countdown to zero. As it ended, I felt something similar to the sensation of linking.
Eventually, I arrived on the other side. A cave, where I’m sitting now writing, illuminated by two holes in the ceiling. There is a

(continues in next post)


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