Exploration #1 – Page 3

corridor leading out (I presume) with the symbol of Habnn carved over the entrance. The watch shows a new date – February 15th, 2005; Earth, calendar, maybe? – I won’t know until I get out.
The journal came with me; not so astounding after Relto, but still interesting.
Time to see what’s out there…
The corridor ended at a door – at least, what remained of it. It’s now little more than remnants of darkened wood on hinges. Behind the door is an abandoned house, carved into the rock itself but facing the outside; the rock provides two of the walls as well as the ceiling, while a semi-circular wooden wall covers the outer side. The main door still stands, as do the windows; I opened one of them and found myself staring at the sea.
More on the shifting time.
I’m quite sure there’s a way to control the double watch more properly during the shift, to prevent it switching to the local time of the new place as soon as the shift starts. However, since I

(continues in next post)


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