Exploration #1 – Page 4

have no idea how to do that, I simply relied on my good old wrist watch and my cell phone’s timer.
The shift felt instantaneous to me; I didn’t feel any passage of time, peculiar sensation or feeling of being elsewhere, or in transit. It is then quite interesting to note that both the watch and the phone measured a five second delay between my vanishing from Relto and my reappearing here (±1 second to start/stop the timer on the phone). What happened in those five seconds? How did I travel? The ‘alarm zone’ bookmarks seem to indicate that the process might be dangerous if prolonged.
Much of the house is in disarray; sand filtered in from the cracks in the wood and covered everything with a thin golden layer. No one has been here in a while.
On a table, facing the rock wall opposite the cave, is an opaque globe of glass, fractured, contained into a metal frame, once ornate and now beginning to rust; there are also sheets of old blank paper under the sand, and a drawer; I tried to get it open but it’s jammed. I’ll need proper tools.
There is a niche in the rock where my sleeping bag can fit quite properly. I think I’ll make my camp here for this expedition.

(continues in next post)


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