Exploration #1 – Page 6


Since there’s not much to explore here on the islet, I decided to find another bookmark to try. There is one that, from my limited understanding oh havenese language, seems to be about a cave and hand symbols; I wonder if it’s about D’ni?


Cueva de las manos

Definitely not D’ni. It’s a great cave alright, but on the surface; the walls are covered in hunting scenes and spray-paintings of hands, in red and white and gold. I think I remember what this place is.
I’m staying just for the time to take some pictures and take a look at the place without raising any attention. The watch sets the date as 154BC; not a good time to be a caucasian stranger fellow into a sacred place.


Back in the hut, after a small trip home to use my computer. As I thought, a quick internet research confirmed my suspicion: I was in the Cueva de las Manos, in Argentina. Why is it that, even when Yeesha is not involved, I find myself dealing with hand symbols and petroglyphs? I need to study the journal more carefully.


(continues in next post)


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