Exploration #1 – Page 7

While reading the journal for more bookmarks, I noticed that the stopwatch timer for the hut link seems to have turned a little longer. Was I wrong in thinking it’s about distances, then? Maybe it’s about the number of times you can use a bookmark before the power goes out. I don’t want to lose a bookmark just to find out if I’m right.


I followed the bookmark in the page following the previous one, and found another cave filled of petroglyphs. I think I’m underground, as the only light source comes from far above my head, but I might as well be in a dark corner of a deep canyon; nowhere on Earth, though: if the date on the double watch is right, this is Norgaka 213 in the year of the Rhea… whatever that is.


Another cave. More glyphs. It’s tremendously hot in here.

Glyphs 1

(continues in next post)


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