Exploration #1 – Page 9

(Ouch, I thought I had posted this already – so sorry. But then, it seems no one is reading this anyway. :P)

Valle della luna

It took me a moment to realize where I was. It was still the valley of the moon, but I was well beyond the visitor zone and inside the forbidden area; I could see the hills and valleys loom tall around me, glittering in the moonlight.
It was, in fact, the middle of the night, and a bright full moon hovered over my head, surrounded by a cloud of stars casting its pallid and eerie light all around.
I was sure it was not the night of the day of my visit, as there was no moon in those days. The double watch, stubbornly and rather oddly, would not give me a year but only a date: may 27th.
I wandered around, cursing myself for not having a high-ISO roll in my bag (I took some pics, but as you can see the end result is less than perfect), and wondered about who could’ve sent me here ~ because I was sure of it: someone was following my steps on this journey and leaving this trail for me to follow.
I relaxed, after a while; this person, whoever it was, wanted me to find out more about these bookmarks and not do me any harm. I just walked about, enjoying the scenery and listening to the wind. Then I heard it: like a soft music, coming from the east. I followed it to its origin and found a yellow glowing stone, the size of my closed fist, pulsing slowly with light and seemingly emanating the eerie sound that filled the night.
The moon was now veiled by deep clouds, and I suddenly felt dozens of eyes upon me, waiting for my following move with uncertainty and curiosity. With a growing sense of urgency, I touched the stone.


It was day again, and no time seemed to have elapsed since I left, if I really did leave. The glyph wasn’t glowing anymore, and the red sand in which it was drawn was now spoiled by my handprint, so that the original drawing was only barely visible. Among the sands, between my fingers, I found a small, very common yellow pebble, which I am now keeping in my wallet.
With even more questions than before and little or no answers, I hurried to rejoin the group and continued the tour.

(continues in next post)


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