Lighthouses and leprechauns

London is a beautiful city; just stay away from the pubs after the St. Pat’s parade, unless you want beer spilled all over your coat. Ack.
I’ll put up pics on Flickr as soon as I have them developed.

As for the book, I don’t think there was any direct connection to Habnn, but it wasn’t a total waste of time either. The tome was an old leather-bound collection of odd stories from West Sussex in the 15th century. In one of these, from a town called Haven, an apparent devilish haunting (the usual lot: weird sounds in the fields, dead people, memory losses, even one giant fiery figure floating over the local pub) was exorcised by three persons that the author describes only as coming from “the Lighthouse from the Stone Island”. Which would be nothing unusual, if not that the hamlet is nowhere near the coast and there is no record of any actual lighthouse, or islet, or mansion going by that name in the region around that time. I will need to investigate this more.


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