‘Green flower’ exploration #1

I’ve been exploring a new Age, apparently unauthorized, that Horatio found while exploring beyond the barriers. We don’t know the Age name – I’m tentatively calling it ‘Green flower’ just for recording purposes, as the book is green with a flower design embossed on the cover.

This is my first report from the Age, reposted from the thread on the DRC site.

I managed to pay a quick visit to the place, but I’ll try to get back in the next days with proper equipment to stay overnight. My KI camera didn’t work either, which makes me believe it is either due to something in the environment or an intentional hack of some kind.

I walked for about half an hour in the forest, keeping the cliff on my left, though I lost track of it pretty quickly among the trees. I didn’t find any markers of a proper path but, as you said, there is little undergrowth so one can easily walk in every direction.
The ground is littered with dried needle leaves. The trees themselves are tall, about 10 to 50 meters high, with some occasional lower shrubs. The plants have a mix of needle and scale leaves; some have small cones, or ‘berries’ coloured red or deep blue. Now I’m no botanist but it seems to me this is some kind of conifer forest, possibly by some distant relatives of the juniper and the pine.

I heard some birds in the distance (or at least, they seemed to be birds calling) but didn’t see any wildlife.


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